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Salutation !!

Welcome to Pierre’s Bazaar!

On this website you will find goodies, t-shirts and artwork, as well as lettering and handmade signs. All the pieces are made by myself and/or other artists from the neck of the woods called Valais, in Switzerland. Feel free to scroll down the page to browse our resplendent products or click on the categories in the menu above to access the several collections available. I hope you enjoy the visit and don't forget to buy something!


Bienvenue sur Pierre’s Bazaar !

Sur ce site vous trouverez Des t-shirts, des objets, de l’art, du lettrage, et des enseignes faites mains. Toutes ces merveilleuses créations sont réalisées par des artistes de la région du Valais, en Suisse. Faite vous plaisir et n’hésitez pas à découvrir les différentes collections en vous aidant du menu ci-dessus. Et n’oubliez pas d’acheter quelque chose !


About me

Hello, my name's Pierre. I come from Switzerland but used to live in Southeast Asia for many years. I am a former sign writer and webmaster turned primary school teacher. When I draw, I like to place, move and remove nodes, straighten curves, curve lines, and sometimes use colours until something appears.

I hope you enjoy my work as well as the work of my friends and DON’T forget to buy something!

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